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|Quadratur T-L (Thoracic-Lumbar) Coil

Because of its unique magnet configuration, the FONAR Upright™ MRI is the ONLY MRI scanner that is able to utilize a solenoid (wrap-around) coil and a flat planar coil as its quadrature pair. Each coil in FONAR’s quadrature pair offers its own special advantage: The solenoid coil is remarkably SNR-efficient – more so than saddle-shaped coils used with conventional superconductive MRI scanners; and the companion planar coil achieves remarkable SNR because of its close proximity to the targeted anatomy. The combination of the two makes the Quadrature Thoracic-Lumbar Coil an extraordinary performer.

|Planar Thoracic-Lumbar Coil

The Planar Thoracic-Lumbar Coil is placed directly behind the patient’s back. The patient leans against the coil and sits comfortably throughout the scan.