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The FONAR Upright™ MRI
|Clinical Benefit
The revolutionary design of FONAR's Upright™ MRI allows patients to simply walk in and be scanned. The FONAR Upright™ MRI allows scans of the whole body in recumbent position, in oblique position, sitting or standing, even in Trendelenburg position. This results into complete new clinical indications, particulary for the spine and joints, to be imaged in the weight-bearing state.
The FONAR Upright™ MRI is the only system that allows to scan patients in flexion, extension, rotation and also lateral bending. The FONAR Upright™ MRI allows as well cinemascopic studies.
The principle advantage of scanning in upright positions, even sitting or standing, in opposit to conventional scans performed in recumbent position only, is the possibility to display instabilities of the spine much more effective and in their real dimension. As well degenerative changes especially of the intervertebral disks and variable disk hernations can now be objectified and definitely demonstrated in different positions. So the FONAR Upright™ MRI helps to make surgery more accurate.
|Patient Comfort
The complete open design of the FONAR Upright™ MRI enables an unprecedented degree of patient comfort due to the unobstructed view of the scanner room from inside the magnet. There is nothing in front of the patients face. The FONAR Upright™ MRI is highly tolerated from patients with distinctive claustrophobia.
For a scan, the patient simply walks into the scanner and stays or sits on the patient handling system. This unique MRI-compatible motorized patient handling systems will move the patient into the magnet and place the anatomy of interest into the center of the magnet gap. It also can rotate the vertically-oriented patient into a horizontal position, so the patient can be scanned lying down as in conventional MRI scanning.
The FONAR Upright™ MRI has practically no limitations regarding the patiens weight. The System allows to scan patients up to 500 pounds.
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